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2013 second quarter Celebrity City ten events

Date: 2013-07-15

Command shells, the second quarter of 2013 has been in the past.Dear colleagues celebrity, you have no pride in the past three months; dear celebrities BOSS, you have not felt the changes over the last three months of celebrity?Today, celebrities with you on the breakdown of those events occurred in April-June:

First, the strong focus on service quality
Second quarter, according to each hotel star rating standards, increase the quality management.After six months of fighting in Chengdu Huashuiwan shop on May 3rd through the national five-star hotel in the final assessment examination.Zigong, Sichuan initial evaluation by inspection, has been in the National Tourism Administration online publicity, ready for final inspection.April 17 International Wong Kim Butler qualification training was held in Qingdao shop, our existing customers housekeeper, butler room, conference stewards Wong Kim Butler 44, will make the Group more perfect butler service and meticulous.June 23, the Group's R & D team in Hangzhou catering establishment, establishment of food research and development mechanism, intends to integrate unified group Cuisines celebrity dish.
Second, the rich BOSS service
International Airlines Group and China to establish cooperation in the future customers through 4008266333 Order Shandong Airlines Shenzhen Airlines, Air China and other big ticket customers can enjoy the benefits, and debit card from BOSS.In the second quarter, BOSS Card Promotions "prize draw in the" as the theme, which greatly increases their participation BOSS and entertaining.Group launched various points in the whole group turnover Gang point conversion, BOSS BOSS discount can also be converted to increase integration points clear marketing and annual work.To increase the depth of the BOSS to maintain, there is a demand of the hotel will provide pragmatic BOSS paste tube service and service responsibility to the people, in order to more efficiently serve BOSS.
Third, the parity breaking the shackles of high-star hotel
Noble quality, luxuries, friendly price, this is the city famous.April Group hotel launched cheap drinks supermarkets, more than 40 varieties of wine in supermarket prices presented in front of the majority of guests, so that customers no longer have to bring their own drinks if you want tangle up.After nearly six months of deliberation, the group started again in June to prepare room price system adjustment, the price is low fold from the previous model is adjusted to low-cost high discount model, to give consumers a reasonable integrity of space.The first breakthrough in the high price of high-star hotel shackles, opening a new era of star consumption.
Fourth, the development of rich products
April launched midday each hotel room, room, etc. midnight hours room package sales, the introduction of outing, Rui Wu and other tourism products, launched in the exam room, entrance room and other products to meet different needs of customers.May launch celebrity coupons, including accommodation, catering, and integration coupons, charge 10,000 yuan up to receive 2,500 yuan, making it easy for personal use and gifts, but the gift of spending can be returned to a different card and Family Planningtravel products.April Group Taobao flagship store on-line, increasing another sales channel.
Five, calmly deal with the crisis
The face of H7N9, the hotel kitchen to strengthen management, and the development of improved immunity guests dishes.April, the group launched Pujiang Hotel in Sichuan vegetables, tea, fruit, meat and other organic foods, meet guests green health needs.Ya'an face April earthquake, the city of love on behalf of celebrities bring supplies into the disaster area twice, Sichuan Area Relay love every 50 rooms, Samsara Hotels Chengdu also volunteered to assume Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai enterprises to enter the Ya'an aid supplies transit station mission.The face of the fire that occurred in society, people lift off events such as the hotels to enhance the training and safety management.
Sixth, improve management efficiency
In order to improve the management team overall ability, responsibility to the people, the city famous through field research and well-researched, most of the reform launched in May.The Group's hotel sector, the same service between departments to integrate object positions, improve service efficiency, the establishment of centers to strengthen inter-departmental communication, to avoid overlapping functions, so that different departments.Meanwhile, the Group adjusted the hotels meeting system, the previous day, week, month to integrate the various meetings and shrink, allowing managers to have more time to care for our customers and employees.While meeting process and content to make adjustments, so that meeting really solve the problem.And the establishment of quality inspection reports, data reports, follow-up reporting system working with a report to disclose the problem and find the problem, so that general management from transactional to enhance macro-control.
Seven, depth development layout
Following the agricultural firms in the depth of the development cooperation sector after May 8 Group and China Railway Bureau Real Estate Group signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, sharing product resources, share customer resources, sharing marketing resources.Development Group to explore inn, established in May Lijiang Sunshine Nali celebrity hotel management company, and now there is sunshine Nali Lijiang Hotel, guests travel to meet the group stay.June, Hubei Baokang Celebrity Hotel chips open operation, add Lhasa, Dali, to build five-star hotel services Leshan, Chengdu upper Celebrity Hotel, Spa Hotel Zhejiang Pujiang Celebrity also underway to raise open preparations.
Eight, to build urban complex
Integration of industry best resource for strategic cooperation, room and board for guests to provide one-stop services, travel and entertainment, celebrity features to create experiential comprehensive consumer brands, April Group signed Xiangyang Celebrity Hotel renovation and expansion project that will be built into Xiangcheng landmark.June Working Group meeting, the Chairman of the hotels Tam idle resources to develop and enrich hotel products, creating an integrated consumer sites.Requested from the sale of each hotel rooms, dining upgrade level up, breaking a single product, a single format traditional business model, make full use of idle space and existing space hotel, there is a demand to increase customer projects rich format, more customers participate in the activities organizedincrease vitality, thus creating a wide range of consumer sites.Mr Tam said: In the face of the crisis, whoever it is clear who is able to re-seize the new round of opportunities.
Nine, celebrity business platform to deepen
Strives to be 3.0 times the depth of the majority of my colleagues to support celebrity partners Celebrity City at Best Eastern Summit won the second strategic partner and hospitality most attractive employer award; May we launched loyal staff incentive scheme, where inGroup worked for more than one year, will be eligible for intra-group coupons every year.While older employees caused the boss a letter, inspired countless elderly and newcomers, who recalled the letter together to create brilliant, giving greater expectations of the future.June we launched innovative incentives, creating benefits for the hotel where the rich format project, once the file and the successful operation of the project will be based on the size of the innovation award given to 500-5000 yuan, the project implementation will follow after the sea carried out by 10% of monthly profitsMonth award.Group full implementation of the "celebrities, big stage of my life," so that every celebrity celebrity writing a legendary life.
Ten, and the owners win the future
June 19, Zhejiang Hotels successful reception of Chinese Culture Festival Hotel, China Hotel Association Working Committee was formally established owners, Tan was elected the first chairman of the owners working committee.April, held in Nanjing Celebrity City Hotel Owners Association to thank.Chengdu Railway Swiss Mansion property shops offer, usher in the first batch of small property owners.Mr Tam said that the owners' committee should focus on the development of the hotel union, operating in a good hotel, good service, guests at the same time, for the majority of the owners profits.
We are all urban celebrity spokesperson, if not more than 5,000 celebrities Lulitongxin, we can not and never imagine that from three months to complete so many things; if not more than 5,000 celebrities "Celebrity is my home, beautiful by all"family values, there is no Great Depression, when the city is still ahead celebrity.Summed up in the first quarter, we said that we will flourish in summer, and now, we do, let us look forward to fruitful autumn, winter misfortune.