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Nanjing hotel: push the multinational food to build "guest history file" youth Olympic guests service

Date: 2014-08-05

Full of local characteristics of huaiyang cuisine, sweet and sour appetizing Thai food, pasta dishes, chicken curry full-bodied India rice...Today, executive vice President of wanda Hilton Hotel kitchen Chen Xuan, is talking to his team were finalised youth Olympic menu.
"Food safety is put first, and ensure that good taste."Chen Xuan said, in order to ensure food safety, such as sashimi is can't use cold seafood, soya-bean milk is apt to deteriorate, such as soy products will pass strict review control.Every dish from the procurement, storage, processing, cooking, must be in accordance with the established process execution, and establish a traceability system."Such as how many minutes to cook meat, how to control the temperature and so on."
Considering the guests from different countries, different tastes, the hotel in the last year, Steve will menu on the basis of the research, in addition to select some local specialties innanjing, jiangsu, and select the allied cuisine.For the sake of taking care of the Muslim guests, meat basic is given priority to with beef, mutton, etc.The main dish, a day, 7 days a week do not weigh appearance."Just set the menu down, we'll discuss changes before and after a month or two."
Jinling hotel in order to let a guest feel if "punch", nuanced services.The guest if it is left-handed, the second repast, chopsticks can be on the left;If the guest has a history of diabetes, in his room must be low-sugar fruit;Found the room reading glasses, needle will soon equipped with in place............A for the guests "guest history file", the content including food preferences, personal taboos, hobbies, etc 12 categories, each guest like pillows, to adapt to the high water temperature, hobby what flavor of food, the main service personnel should be aware.
During the guests if the hotel if need humidifier, extra bed, ordering, delivery and other services, just a key to call "hotline" honor, they can get from the hotel departments more comprehensive services, "one-stop" work style to solve the problem of all guest.
A panoramic view of the asia-pacific business building design, jinling hotel to check in the youth Olympic guests stood by the window, can see the purple mountain, such as exhibition, the Yangtze river scenery.Therefore, hotel close to the guest room window pride of place, were placed scenery pictures, and detailed annotation to the tourism resources of the region, as well as the related travel agency's telephone, the guest if you want to arrange to visit, can direct telephone reservation.Reporter learned from the municipal LvYouWei that at present, our city 25 youth Olympic reception hotel, has carried on the western food cooking, emergency disposal, the youth Olympic knowledge, international etiquette, professional hotel English training, realizing a complete coverage of the 4 g and WiFi network, with full enthusiasm to meet the guests for coming.