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Celebrity City Hotel Group was rated excellent demonstration enterprise information

Date: 2013-06-26

June 20 Second China hotel industry information technology and application of new technologies on-site meetings held in Hangzhou.Depth at the depth of transition hotel business, its products, customers, services, and application of new technologies and the use of information technology transition direction and new technologies to deal with "four liters a drop" (rising labor costs, property costs, rising energy costs, raw materials costs rise and decline in corporate profits) of the long-term trend.

Meeting site invited IBM, Microsoft, CNAC letter, UF, Huawei and other leading information technology companies, namely on the current information in the field emerged out of the micro-channel marketing, cloud computing, mobile e-commerce applications, digital hotel room systems, information technology integrated office managementsystem, hotel or restaurant information of the overall solutions based on Internet or mobile Internet infrastructure derive new technology and its application in the hotel industry and channel management, membership system, hotel marketing and other new trends in the application of new technologies to communicate sharing.

In this meeting, the City Celebrity Hotel Group was named "2013 China Hotel Association Information Excellent business model."Group information technology has been very seriously, in 2008 began to carry out a systematic layout of the building group information management, the establishment of CRS (Central Reservation System), followed by purchase, co-development and self-developed a variety of ways, based on the Group's development status, followed by changes in the market, grasp customer needs, in business management and customer service for the progressive construction of information.Currently, the Group has achieved 19 Hotels Group centralized data management, hotel resources and customer information sharing, simultaneously with the completion of data mainstream OTA Direct; Group continued to try in the new media, the Internet and mobile Internet marketing aspects of information technology operations, with havingDirect online booking PMS functionality for customer service websites, mobile applications, micro letters, microblogging platforms and Taobao official shop.Current Group mainly operates in the following two aspects to try:

1, information on customer service application attempts
Group in 2010 launched the first mobile application software APP, launched the first in the industry's own mobile phone S9110 Hotel Group application.2013 Group annual enabled mobile APP, APP view the meeting through the various data and information.2012 launch micro-channel platform, the platform concept to promote our products and services by customers and the industry's deep concern.Follow-up will expand product S9110 channels and customer relationship management platform, open micro-channel intelligent booking online election room and customer service functions.2012 hotels in Hangzhou, Zhejiang try to push self-check machines, offering 15 seconds to member check-in service.

2, the information in the internal management application attempts
2011 Group independently developed electronic ticket system for the Group's electronic ticket management, the convenience of guests at the same time, enhance the release efficiency and reduce the financial risk, while quickly and accurately obtain tickets using the data for marketingprovide data to support decision-making.Group Part of the hotel tried visualization works to repair the system, housekeeping attendants in the clean room, the use of mobile phone repair mode, the on-site repair the situation through text and image form spread to the background, the Engineering Department in the information technology platform the first time to understand the situationmake judgments maintenance treatment, to arrange a suitable follow-up maintenance personnel, after the completion of repairs, possibly through the maintenance of mobile information platform for upload to facilitate the housekeeping department confirmed, but also as a maintenance record keeping.Group, through mobile applications bar code scanning equipment, while the real-time camera equipment, upload information platform on disposal of fixed assets inventory, inventory records and history for field comparison, the device can be used to show different periods of photos simultaneously, simplifying inventory workwhile the amount, but also to ensure the accuracy of inventory data, improve work efficiency at the same time, ensure that the data is correct, strengthened the Group's financial management and control of assets.

The future of information management in the Group of hotel management in increasingly wide range of applications, support the hotel management needs to meet the information needs of guests.In competition with industry, labor costs and improve the current situation, the hotel group how to use information technology to enhance competitiveness, is already a reality of survival.Celebrity City Group, through the implementation of a variety of information on intra-group projects, and gradually worked out a set, based on the company's existing conditions, use of limited resources to maximize meet customer demands and internal information service hotel group by means of information technology.Meanwhile, the Group is increasing its investment in information technology, expansion of group data room, plans to implement BI (Business Intelligence) project, through scientific and technological strength, the use of large data analysis techniques, reduce consumption efficiency, enhance our management efficiency, the datasupport management decision making, reduce the maximum decision-making risk.

We firmly believe that information technology and the new technology will become the hotel industry from the traditional to the modern service industry transformation services, strong support, information technology and new technology, will boost the hotel industry once again lead the residential services, while the era of big data Celebrity City willusing the power of technology, once again lead the hotel industry.